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We Demand Accountability

Back in March, we told you all about David Sweet's fancy new digs.

We told you how Sweet is constructing the office as a new constituency office, moving away from his current office in Greensville, a location that is inaccessible to the majority of the riding. We were happy that he was correcting a major mistake on his behalf but thought that it could have something to do with a looming election.

Now, since an election is not going to be coming in the near future, construction has stopped.

No election = no new office.

What a coincidence.

Good to see our tax dollars hard at work, being used for clearly partisan purposes. We here at the David Sweet Watch now want to know if Sweet still has the lease on the building, which he is paying for out of his "global budget" - the budget provided to MPs to serve their constituents. This money is supposed to be spent on hiring a staff, leasing office space, buying office material, etc. If Sweet has in fact used this money to get an early start campaigning by opening up a second "constituency" office, we'd certainly demand some answers.

But, remind us again, didn't Sweet campaign on using our tax dollars in appropriate fashion? Didn't he blame the hapless Liberal party for abusing our tax dollars, promising to be different?

Of course he did. Same old story, same old politicians.