Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Missing In Action...Again

This picture was sent to us by a regular reader who snapped it on his camera phone. Apparently this was the scene at David's booth at the yearly Cactus Festival in Dundas.
Cute, we must say.
Our tipster also tells us that David packed up around 2pm both days and refused to answer questions from constituents, stating that he was there for the festivites only and that anyone with a concern should call his office! One constituent even began yelling at David and his staff for not properly addressing a human right's compaint that he had. Jeez David, if your not going to take a human rights compaint seriously, what do you take seriously?
Giving us our laugh of the day, our vigilant camera man also told us that after David and his staff left, someone wrote "Where is Your MP Now?" and "David Sweet: Missing In Action Again!" on two sheets of paper and taped them to David's tent.
It would seem that it's not only us who are starting to notice the inaction, the delay and inactivity of our fine, upstanding Member of Parliament.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

David Sweet: Car Thief

Well, isn't this interesting:

"When I was 12, I stole cars and I was sent away to a juvenile institution for four years."

David Sweet was a car thief?

My, my... Now, such a quote is not as shocking as the other statements that we've uncovered, such as when he said that women were followers and that homosexuality was not an acceptable lifestyle, but this is interesting nonetheless. Particularly because Sweet is now a "get-tough-on-crime" Conservative.

In fact, on Sweet's own website, he states that crime is one of his top priorities. Now Sweet has little sympathy for criminals and is trying to change the system that was so lenient on him at one point.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We Must Be Getting Under His Skin

Our persistence must be paying off. After many posts about how David Sweet has done nothing for our community (which can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here), David is responding through a series of e-mails and a mail-out entitled "Working For You"

We check the traffic to our site frequently and while our number of visitors has been growing over the past few months, we have noticed one persistent ISP address coming to this site. It's none other than David Sweet's office. It would appear that Doug Brown and the boys down at Sweet's constituency office have been checking in on us almost daily - even during our long absences.

So, when we say "David Sweet has f*ck all for our community" they take that seriously and have responded. If you check out David Sweet's website you'll notice new section on his site called "Working For You" with a story written by David (probably by one of his staffers, but we're willing to give him the benefit of the doubt here). In it you'll notice that David has been out and about in the community:

We welcomed the arrival of summer with the Canada Day long weekend. It was my pleasure to attend the 150th anniversary of Freelton as well as so many Canada Day events throughout the area – from the Rotary pancake breakfast in Dundas to parades and events in Lynden, Troy, Greensville and Flamborough. And ending the day in grand Canadian style at the fireworks in Ancaster.

Well, that's cute and all, but it's in the wrong place since it sits under the heading "Working For You". Someone should tell David that showing up an community events isn't working for us - it's working for himself. That seems to be something that flies right over David's head.

Where are the results that David promises last election?

Because we know that you read this David, we have to ask that you actually start working for us. Cheap photo-ops won't cut it.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

David's Swanky Night On The Town

It's been a while since we've posted but that's not really our fault.

Seriously, it really isn't.

We feel it's David's fault. If your MP sits around and does nothing for his or her riding, there really isn't much to write about, is there? Sorry, go blame David. We certainly do.

So, what has David been up to? Has he been supporting our farmers in Flamborough? Perhaps he's busy turning Cootes Paradise into a national park, like he said he would? Has the harbour front clean-up gotten underway?

Well, no - of course not!

David's been busy holding a swanky fundraiser with Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day.

Yes, that's right. When our riding goes neglected all David Sweet can manage to do is hold a fundraiser with his buddies at a high-class country club. That's getting results for people, right David?

Sunday, May 27, 2007

We Demand Accountability

Back in March, we told you all about David Sweet's fancy new digs.

We told you how Sweet is constructing the office as a new constituency office, moving away from his current office in Greensville, a location that is inaccessible to the majority of the riding. We were happy that he was correcting a major mistake on his behalf but thought that it could have something to do with a looming election.

Now, since an election is not going to be coming in the near future, construction has stopped.

No election = no new office.

What a coincidence.

Good to see our tax dollars hard at work, being used for clearly partisan purposes. We here at the David Sweet Watch now want to know if Sweet still has the lease on the building, which he is paying for out of his "global budget" - the budget provided to MPs to serve their constituents. This money is supposed to be spent on hiring a staff, leasing office space, buying office material, etc. If Sweet has in fact used this money to get an early start campaigning by opening up a second "constituency" office, we'd certainly demand some answers.

But, remind us again, didn't Sweet campaign on using our tax dollars in appropriate fashion? Didn't he blame the hapless Liberal party for abusing our tax dollars, promising to be different?

Of course he did. Same old story, same old politicians.

Sweet's New Job

We here at David Sweet Watch had a good laugh at this.

The author, Lloyd MacKay, is clearly a fan of Sweet's but he sums him up in a way that is not so flattering:

Sweet is a pretty low-keyed member. He can be easily spotted from the press gallery, seated in the back row of the government back benches, his shiny bald pate standing out from the crowd. If he is cabinet material, it has not yet become obvious.

Yes, good job Lloyd. That's what we've been saying for months. David Sweet, as we know, is not at all useful to our community. His bald head reflecting light as he does cross-word puzzles in Parliament trying to kill time during Question Period is not exactly "service". We've seen it before. What are you trying to get at Lloyd?

To our new pal Lloyd, Sweet's undistinguished time in office has made him perfect to head up a religious Parliamentary group, the
All Party Inter-Faith Parliamentary Friendship Group.

And why not? It's not like David Sweet is concerned in any way with bringing progress to the riding that elected him- he might as well sit in Ottawa and advance his own agenda. This way Sweet can how have an excuse to avoid such pressing issues such as the harbour front clean up, infrastructure renewal, and agriculture know, issues important to his constituents.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Back From The Dead

No, no...we're not dead. We've just been sleeping for a bit.

Lots of you have been e-mailing us, wondering where we've been. To answer you all, we've been here but we just haven't had a lot of write about.

Why is that? Well, David Sweet hasn't really done much lately. In fact, he hasn't really done much since being elected in January 2006.

No action on infrastructure, no action on Cootes, no action on the harbour clean-up....basically, no action, period. Pretty much standard fare for David Sweet - keep your head low and coast to re-election. Perhaps, we should be asking for a bit more from our representative in Ottawa? Perhaps.

But in our absence we did catch one thing. Was it our imagination, or did David Sweet vote against supply side agriculture management in the House of Commons the other week? We think the good people in Flamborough who were largely responsible for sending Sweet to Ottawa and who are strongly in favour of supply side magement may not be too happy with our pal David.