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Sweet's New Job

We here at David Sweet Watch had a good laugh at this.

The author, Lloyd MacKay, is clearly a fan of Sweet's but he sums him up in a way that is not so flattering:

Sweet is a pretty low-keyed member. He can be easily spotted from the press gallery, seated in the back row of the government back benches, his shiny bald pate standing out from the crowd. If he is cabinet material, it has not yet become obvious.

Yes, good job Lloyd. That's what we've been saying for months. David Sweet, as we know, is not at all useful to our community. His bald head reflecting light as he does cross-word puzzles in Parliament trying to kill time during Question Period is not exactly "service". We've seen it before. What are you trying to get at Lloyd?

To our new pal Lloyd, Sweet's undistinguished time in office has made him perfect to head up a religious Parliamentary group, the
All Party Inter-Faith Parliamentary Friendship Group.

And why not? It's not like David Sweet is concerned in any way with bringing progress to the riding that elected him- he might as well sit in Ottawa and advance his own agenda. This way Sweet can how have an excuse to avoid such pressing issues such as the harbour front clean up, infrastructure renewal, and agriculture funding...you know, issues important to his constituents.