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The Promise Keepers Ugly Racist Side

We've established the fact that David Sweet used to lead the Promise Keepers in Canada, even though he doesn't make note of it on his website or on the Conservative Party's official biography of him.

So why is he hiding his past?

Perhaps it is because the group that he once led in Canada has an ugly racist side in the U.S.

Here are a selection of quotes from Wellington Boone, a prominent Promise Keeper:

"Blacks have had more than two centuries of training in being a slave of man. It can be added as a long-term qualification to prepare them to be a fine slave of God or to rule as a king."

"I believe that slavery, and the understanding of it when you see it God's way, was redemptive."

"I want to boldly affirm Uncle Tom. The black community must stop criticizing Uncle Tom. He is a role model, who, when he was stepped on like a worm, at a point of crisis, evidenced the nature of the classic, model worm, Jesus."