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The New Office

Have you passed by the plaza on Main West and Osler Drive recently?

If so, did you notice the construction in the empty strore front? Well, if not, that is our friend David. He's hard at work.

Doing what, you might ask? Apparently he's correcting an old mistake and moving his constituency office from it's current Greensville location but, frankly, we're not buying it. An election is coming soon and we're positive he's setting up his campaign office at the same location as his old one.

Interesting how Sweet campaigns in Westdale but places his constituency office in a location that is inaccessable to the majority of the riding, eh?

Anyways this new office is going to be bigger than the old one. In fact, its going to be double the size of the old one, which requires some renovations. So, he's renovating but we've learned from a source that is working with Sweet that he doesn't have permits. Tsk, tsk David...follow city building codes. It's the law after all.

Aside from this tiny scandal, Sweet's construction should show us all that an election is coming soon.