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Filling In Sweet's Resume

We've already discussed David Sweet's vanishing resume in the past, but today we're happy to complete it. As we mentioned, David Sweet's offical biography states the following:

David’s leadership experience includes work as Vice President of Business Development for a Hamilton-based think tank from 2004 to 2006 and President of two national organizations prior to 2004.

We have already discovered that the "Hamilton-based think tank" was the Work Research Foundation, a group that is dedicated to putting Evengelical's in politics, and we've already stated that one of the "national organizations" that Sweet was President of was the Promise Keepers.

But what about the second "national organization" that Sweet was President of? Good question. Glad you asked.

It's been hard for us to track Mr. Sweet's past. As he prepared to first run for Parliament in 2004, he managed to scrub the internet clean of anything and everything that would expose who he really was. But, we here at "David Sweet Watch" are a dilligent bunch and we've managed to track the group down.

The "national organization" that Sweet led was none other than the Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services, an anti-abortion group. The CAPSS approaches pregnant women who they feel are "in danger" of having an abortion and persuades them to carry to term without exploring other options. Using dubious facts and scare tactics, this group misleads young women from coast to coast - since 1990.

With the missing resume is complete, allow us to recap. David Sweet was:

1) the former Vice-President of an evengelical group which advocates for their members to enter politics in the hope of influencing public policy,

2) the President of the Promise Keepers, a mysoginist group which demands that wives "submit" to their husbands and,

3) the President of an anti-abortion group that misleads young pregnant women.

Humble residents of Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale, I present to you our representative in Ottawa!

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