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Opening Up The Mail Bag

We love getting e-mail.

In fact, this community loves sending us e-mails as much as we love getting them. We've been getting everything you could imagine since we opened up this humble neighbourhood watercooler in February. We've gotten tons of complaints about Sweet with letters ranging from the generally annoyed to the outright enraged.

We've spoken with a few people who said they would like us to publish them on the website, so we're starting a feature where we'll be printing your letters (if you give us permission of course).

First up, is a letter we got from a young lady named Mellissa Ali:

"I wanted to speak with my MP about the situation in Darfur. Thousands have died and the lives of millions hang in the balance. We need to do something soon so I decided to do my small part and speak with David Sweet. I called his office a few times and his staff told me to come by his office so we could speak in person. Wow, talking face to face with an MP, I thought. I’m making real progress.

I asked my brother to drive me down to his office and I arrived around 2pm. I was told that David Sweet was in a lunch meeting at City Hall but was coming back soon. I decided to wait because the issue is important to me. I waited until 2:45 and he still wasn’t there. His secretary offered me coffee and told me that he would be back very shortly. I waited until 3:30 and left. He had me waiting an hour and a half and never even bothered to show up. Who knows where he was. This is ridiculous. He doesn’t care about Darfur."

Second, we have a letter from John Terry from Ancaster:

"Another quick note for you DSW - I saw Sweet at the Ancaster Food Drive. He showed up mid-afternoon with Don and Stephanie (editors note: his staff members) then picked up a few bags and got his photo taken. He put the bags down and spoke with a few people then left. Photo op perhaps?"

Our third letter writer today asked to remain anonymous:

"I would like to contribute to the blog which I find very interesting. In the fall I spoke with him (David Sweet) at his office about issues which were eroding the sovereinty of Canada and that were being covered up. He basically had no stance on them - expected I guess, unfortunately. This transpired during a meeting I arranged with him at his office in Dundas through his corteous staff. I had four major talking points that I wanted to air and then listen to the response of a federal politician. I aired my concerns but was met with tight lips or terse agreements. Which was one of the points I was making - that the federal government, which ever one it is, basically doesn't inform the public about "happenings" and agenda. There is 10 percent revelations and 90 percent behind closed door programming. Basically everything the public would want to know is not known or is not brought into the forefront in a drawn out, indepth, mature fashion."

That's it for now but keep sending us your letters at davidsweetwatch@hotmail.com.