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Back From The Dead

No, no...we're not dead. We've just been sleeping for a bit.

Lots of you have been e-mailing us, wondering where we've been. To answer you all, we've been here but we just haven't had a lot of write about.

Why is that? Well, David Sweet hasn't really done much lately. In fact, he hasn't really done much since being elected in January 2006.

No action on infrastructure, no action on Cootes, no action on the harbour clean-up....basically, no action, period. Pretty much standard fare for David Sweet - keep your head low and coast to re-election. Perhaps, we should be asking for a bit more from our representative in Ottawa? Perhaps.

But in our absence we did catch one thing. Was it our imagination, or did David Sweet vote against supply side agriculture management in the House of Commons the other week? We think the good people in Flamborough who were largely responsible for sending Sweet to Ottawa and who are strongly in favour of supply side magement may not be too happy with our pal David.