Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Missing In Action...Again

This picture was sent to us by a regular reader who snapped it on his camera phone. Apparently this was the scene at David's booth at the yearly Cactus Festival in Dundas.
Cute, we must say.
Our tipster also tells us that David packed up around 2pm both days and refused to answer questions from constituents, stating that he was there for the festivites only and that anyone with a concern should call his office! One constituent even began yelling at David and his staff for not properly addressing a human right's compaint that he had. Jeez David, if your not going to take a human rights compaint seriously, what do you take seriously?
Giving us our laugh of the day, our vigilant camera man also told us that after David and his staff left, someone wrote "Where is Your MP Now?" and "David Sweet: Missing In Action Again!" on two sheets of paper and taped them to David's tent.
It would seem that it's not only us who are starting to notice the inaction, the delay and inactivity of our fine, upstanding Member of Parliament.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

David Sweet: Car Thief

Well, isn't this interesting:

"When I was 12, I stole cars and I was sent away to a juvenile institution for four years."

David Sweet was a car thief?

My, my... Now, such a quote is not as shocking as the other statements that we've uncovered, such as when he said that women were followers and that homosexuality was not an acceptable lifestyle, but this is interesting nonetheless. Particularly because Sweet is now a "get-tough-on-crime" Conservative.

In fact, on Sweet's own website, he states that crime is one of his top priorities. Now Sweet has little sympathy for criminals and is trying to change the system that was so lenient on him at one point.