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Some Interesting Traffic

Amidst the thousands of you who have checked out “David Sweet Watch” over the past week, we had a few interesting visitors. Here are some of their URL’s:

parl203.parl.gc.ca (Canadian House Of Commons)

parl153.parl.gc.ca (Canadian House Of Commons)

parl205.parl.gc.ca (Canadian House Of Commons)

Apparently we’ve gotten the attention of a few parliamentarians. Could it be David Sweet checking in on us? Who knows, but it's interesting nonetheless.

But, that’s not it. We’ve also gotten the attention of the Privy Council Office and the Finance and Treasury Board Secretariat:

gateout.pco.gc.ca (Privy Council Office)

user.fin.gc.ca (Finance Canada And Treasury Board Secretariat)

Clearly, we've got the government's attention. Perhaps they are getting nervous, knowing that large group of ADFW constituents are dedicating so much of their time to exposing David Sweet's secrets.

They should be nervous, we're a dedicated group.

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