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David Sweet's Vanishing Resume

If you check David Sweet’s biography on his website, you might think that Sweet is nothing more than a mild-mannered businessman who dabbles in real estate. The toned down version of his website states that:

David’s leadership experience includes work as Vice President of Business Development for a Hamilton-based think tank from 2004 to 2006 and President of two national organizations prior to 2004.

Sounds innocent enough, perhaps, but what were these organizations that he worked for?

The first - the "Hamilton-based think tank - was the Work Research Foundation. What might this "think tank" be, you ask, and what might they be sitting around thinking about? Well the group's declared aim is to "to influence people to a Christian view of work and public life. We seek to explore and unfold the dignity of work, the meaning of economics, and the structures of civil society, in the context of underlying patterns created by God."

Basically, the Work Research Foundation is a group that helps assist evangelicals to enter public life and run for office, for the assumed purpose of influencing public policy and advocating against a women's right to choose and equal marriage.

The other group listed, which is covered by smooth-sounding euphemisms is the Promise Keepers Canada, of which Sweet served as President and CEO for a number of years. While the PK website seems relatively harmless, others know the opposite. The Promise Keepers are a group which advocates for women to "submit" to their husbands, a position that Sweet, as president, advocated for many years.

It's funny that Sweet would omit such facts on his resume. It's also funny that he can openly declare that, "I am not hiding anything from anyone." Perhaps he should have included "comedian" on his biography.