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In His Own Words (Part 3)

Here are Sweet's thoughts on the seperation of church and state:

"Most people who go to the altar do it with the intention of a lifelong union. But for some reason, and we can certainly blame it on the enemy, we have developed a psychology in our culture that we can divorce politics and morality. That is impossible to do. We legislate morality every time we bring in any kind of law."

This quote is rather vague, but it is clear that Sweet is advocating for the involvement of religion in crafting public policy. Perhaps this is why Sweet got into politics in the first place.

As we've seen with the Promise Keepers in the United States, they have advocated for their members to enter public life and advance such fundamentalist ideals as abolishing equal marriage and abortion.

In fact, Promise Keepers leader Raleigh Washington has been quoted as saying:

"There is no way this group can restrict itself when it comes to public policy. We are producing leaders in this organization. They will enter the political sphere."

Is this why Sweet entered politics? We all know that this is the goal of the Hamilton based group Work Research Foundation that he led for many years. Perhaps he just wants to legislate some more "morality".