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Misleading The Public

David Sweet has done a lot to hide his Promise Keeper past. He has had the PK website scrubbed clean of any of his involvement. He has also had various other websites scrubbed clean of any of his involvement with Promise Keepers. Luckily, his past was discovered and it became an issue in the last election but Sweet deflected criticism of the group and was able to mislead the voters of ADFW.

In this article from the
Hamilton Spectator, Sweet notes that the Promise Keepers are not interested in dominating women and pledges that he does not hold "extreme views" towards women.

What he said is not the complete truth and we here at "David Sweet Watch" know better so we've assembled a small taste of what the Promise Keeper's really think about women:

- The Promise Keepers do not encourage an equal relationship in a marriage but instead call for men to "take" their role as leaders of the family. In the past, members, such as
Tony Evans, have stated to men that, "I am not suggesting that you ask for your role back, I am urging you to take it back. There can be no compromise here."

- The Promise Keepers not only expect women to submit to their husbands at home, but also in public life, such as the classroom. One women, who was
interviewed at a "Chosen Women" rally had this to say: "Our job is to submit to our teachers and our Professors...even if we know they are wrong. It is then in God's hands."

- In the past, members of the Promise Keepers, such as Tony Evans, have
openly mocked the women's rights movement and feminists by saying that: "I believe that feminists of the more aggressive persuasion are frustrated women unable to find the proper male leadership. If a women were receiving the right kind of love and attention and leadership, she would not want to be liberated from that"

- The PK leadership has established a group called,
"Suitable Helpers" whose goal is to provide the wives of Promise Keepers the information they need to help serve their husbands. There is also a magazine for women, called "Adam's Rib", which is produced by PK, with household tips and godly advice to assist women become better wives to their husbands.

There is also additional information on the views that Promise Keepers hold about women
here, here, here, here, here, and here.

The Promise Keepers are not interested in "dominating" women? We don't think so David.

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